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Maastricht Student Consulting is a young student consultancy comprised of ambitious students from Maastricht University. Our team is driven by a sense of community, purpose, ambition, and the willingness to turn our vision into real change within the consulting world and beyond. As the next generation we want to grow by helping you succeed today and thrive tomorrow!


MSC provides advisory for start-ups, small to medium sized enterprises and corporate business units. Our mission is to deliver thoughtful, creative and out of the box solutions that help your business achieve long-term improvement.
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Helping our partners achieve better visibility in their industry is an integral part of our mission. Through workshops and other relevant and customised events, you will have an unmatched opportunity to reach Maastricht's most talented pool of students.
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As a top-tier student with an inquiring mind, you are always looking for ways to take your knowledge further? Discover the practical side of your academic knowledge and join us as a student consultant. With MSC, your education has real-life value.
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Since 2014 we have been advising and inspiring more than 80 clients worldwide. In every interaction, we put our clients needs and goals first and keep communication channels open. We can offer you services in the areas of strategy development, marketing, finance, HR and market research, among many others.


More than ever, organizations aim to distinguish themselves from the crowded, competitive market. With our marketing services we help you establish new market trends and provide you with innovative solutions to strengthen the relationship to your customer.


In order to be efficient and generate value, corporate processes must be frequently evaluated. With our operations services we analyse critical processes in your company and help you transform a high-level strategy into actionable steps.

Strategy & Organisations

Thriving in an increasingly competitive environment requires the regular evaluation of your business strategy. With our Strategy & Organisation services we help businesses adapt to new challenges and pave the way for long-term growth.

Our References

Our stakeholders are an integral part of our success. Therefore, we are always keen on meeting new partners that share our values of intellectual curiosity, openness, and dedication. 

Client References

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"MSC has been a professional and enlightening partner to us."
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Partner References

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Bain & Company

"We value the cooperation with MSC a lot and are looking forward to future events together!"
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Student References


Adham Tahlouli

"MSC has been a major part of my time in Maastricht."
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Meet our Management Team

As the board of Maastricht Student Consulting we are looking forward to getting in touch with you. 

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Brendan O’Sullivan

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Paulina Luisa Görlitz

Vice President
Ari Muhlthaler 2

Ari David Mühlthaler

Head of External Relations
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Isabelle Luisa Bauer

Head of Business Development
Finn Schonborn

Finn Konrad Schönborn

Head of Human Resources

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