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We are a close-knit group of ambitious and motivated students. Although our academic and personal backgrounds are very diverse, we are united by our commitment to innovation, excellence, and constant development. Joining us is a great way of enriching your experience in Maastricht and expanding your professional horizon.

What we offer

By joining us, you will gain valuable experience in consulting and professional development and will become a part of the MSC family.

Graduation Cap

Academic Knowledge 

As a top-tier student with an inquiring mind, you are always looking for ways to take your knowledge further. This is precisely what we offer to our student members. Discover the practical side of your academic knowledge by solving complex cases and working on challenging projects for our clients. With MSC, your education has real-life value.


Professional Skills 

If you are eager to join the world of work and make your contribution, becoming a member will help you get a footing in your chosen industry or sector. We work closely with leading employers who provide personalised career advice and recruiting opportunities. You will also get access to the exclusive workshops hosted by our clients, where you will learn what it means to be a well-rounded professional in your field.



Social Environment 

At MSC, we are passionate about professional growth and success. At the same time, we understand the value of having a balanced life and building solid bonds with others. As part of our tightly-knit student consultancy, you will have many opportunities to get to know like-minded students in social settings. Join us and you will get access to social coffee breaks, dinner meetings, and a whole range of social events in and around Maastricht.

What we expect

To judge whether you would be a good fit for our organisation, you can take a look at what values we expect you to bring with you.

Drive & motivation

Our consultants are driven by a strong desire to innovate and make important contributions to their field. We expect our student consultants to be self-starters, have a strong work ethic, and be committed to their personal and professional growth. Although you will be working in a team environment, personal responsibility and accountability are must-haves, as is the ability to think critically and go the extra mile to exceed client expectations.

A professional mindset

As a consultant, you will be working for corporates in real cases to gain practical experience in the business world. Our clients entrust their needs to us and expect all consultants to display professional behaviour at all times. As a student consultant, you will be reliable, conscientious, and capable of delivering the highest standards and quality of work in every project.

A strong team spirit

At Maastricht Student Consulting we are a team of 35 consultants from diverse backgrounds but united by a spirit of collaboration. Inclusiveness and integration are some of our core values, so we strive to create a cooperative environment where all our members feel valued and respected. We expect the same approach from our members – Your spirit of collaboration with other like-minded students creates value for everyone involved.


Get a glimpse into some of our social events and workshops.

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MSC Alumni Event

Every few years we invite all of the MSC alumni to Maastricht for an event to catch up and reconnect.
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HEC Info Session

Last year we got together with the admissions office at the HEC Paris to discuss the Universities’ masters programs.
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Project Dinners

One of our recent project dinners during which we get together with the team and enjoy some time outside of working together.
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Get Togethers

We closed off our last project period with a cozy dinner in one of the beautiful wine cellars in Maastricht’s city center.
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Post Workshop Socials

After the workshops we usually visit one of Maastricht’s many delicious restaurants for dinner and drinks.

What our members value most about MSC

Meet the MSC Alumni

Hear what some of our alumni have to say about their time at MSC.

MSC Photo

Nick Wessel-Ellermann

“MSC has shaped my experience as a business student here in Maastricht. I particularly enjoyed the opportunities for personal growth and the great MSC community.”

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Ella Kohlmann

“What I enjoyed most about MSC is working on real-life projects and creating true value for clients. The community was outstanding and the social events brought us even closer together!”

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Felicitas Hüffer

“MSC has been a major part of my time in Maastricht. On the one hand, it is all about gaining practical skills and insights into what consulting is all about. On the other hand, the close community and family-like atmosphere is the start of many great friendships and memorable events we share.”

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Vice President

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