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More than ever, organizations aim to distinguish themselves from the crowded, competitive market and seek to increase their brand awareness. Consequently, marketing has become a fundamental service and required by almost all companies, ranging from Start-Ups to MNEs. As young and creative consultants, MSC can establish new market trends, create tailored marketing campaigns and provide innovative solutions to strengthen customer relationships. This yields an effective way to refine your reputation and boost sales.


We help you to identify, based on the qualities of your product, the most suitable position in the market to satisfy the demand of your targetcustomers.


To increase the brand awareness and presence among consumers, we design tailored marketing campaigns, ranging from social media optimization to offline marketing.


We provide innovative and creative solutions, in order to build valuable long-term relationships with your customers and to identify emerging trends and needs as early as possible.


In times of globalization and digitalization, markets all around the world have become increasingly dynamic and caused competition to stiffen. Therefore, it has become crucial for companies to constantly reevaluate their current business strategy, consider new business opportunities and optimize the inner workings of their company. MSC supports you in various stages, from the evaluation of the current competitive market to the implementation of innovative solutions. This allows you to stay ahead of competition and enjoy long-term growth.
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By identifying target customers, current and potential competitors, and emerging trends, we help you to position yourself strategically and ensure long-term growth.


We advise you in the areas of market-expansion and product-innovation and provide you with effective market entry strategies to leverage the full potential of the opportunity.


We analyze and reevaluate critical processes in your company, by identifying inefficiencies and providing you with sustainable, logical and innovative alternatives.


Human resource management is critical in the success of a company. When executed correctly, it can save time and money, establish a productive working environment, and in general improves the overall performance of the company. As the workforce of tomorrow, MSC can optimize the recruiting process, provide solutions and improvements regarding your employer branding, and adapt internal organizational matters to emerging trends. All this will allow you to leverage the full potential that your company and workforce has to offer.


We provide solutions to optimize the various stages in the recruiting process, from conducting a labor market analysis to the actual onboarding of the new recruits.
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We help you to identify your reputation as an employer and recommend possible courses of action to build a productive, motivated and enthusiastic work-environment.


We accompany you in the process of modernizing the internal workings of your company, from establishing new communication tools to increasing efficiency and transparency.


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To start off, the management team will meet with you and discuss your specific requirements. We will then formulate the objectives of our cooperation and draw up a project offer, taking into account your specifications. A contract and specific non-disclosure agreements will be signed. Kicking off the project work, the project leader will contact you and schedule a first meeting with your team. Throughout the project you will communicate with the project leader, who will update you regularly about the progress of the project. The project concludes with a final meeting, in which the team presents its findings and the deliverable.

Prior to the project start
Prior to the project start
a. Project formulation
b. Project offer
c. Contract
Prior to the project start
During the project phase
During the project phase
a. First meeting with project team
b. Development of high level plan
c. Mid-term evaluation
d. Final report and presentation
e. Final project evaluation
During the project phase
After the project phase
After the project phase
Continuous feedback loop supporting the implementation process
After the project phase


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Clear scope and a final deliverable

You define the scope of a project in discussion with the management team. Together, we formulate clear objectives and specific requirements from the project team, to ensure that the final deliverable of the project is useful and valuable to the you.

Limited time commitment is required

We know you are busy and thus, the degree contact and engagement with you is limited to your wishes and constraints. For supervision, MSC has internal processes and structures in place, to make sure the team stays on course. You can schedule regular calls with the project leader as your schedule allows.

We adjust to your

If the outlined process does not seem suitable to you, we are open to setting up a custom project structure with you. We can flexibly adjust duration, team size and degree of contact as your business problem requires.


Driven by the goal of delivering valuable results to our clients, we continuously promote the organizational progress and development of our consultants. In addition to regular methodology workshops, we are increasingly incorporating professional tools into project work.

These include the PowerPoint add-ins Efficient Elements and think-cell. These tools enable both efficient project management and a simple graphical presentation of project results. In particular, classic consulting diagrams such as waterfall or Gantt charts are regularly used to support key statements, conclusions or recommendations for our customer results.

Quantitative input can be intuitively visualised by think cell and gain significance through extra functions and automatic optimisations. We also provide additional support to our consultants by using tools such as think-cell to familiarise themselves with the working methods of a typical consultant.

Have a look at the tool here.


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MSC has been a professional as well as enlightening partner to us. The dedication during the data collection phase as well as the respective interpretation and discussion utilizing a diverse team set-up has brought significant value add to our topic. We have experienced a great mix of hands on mentality for project progress and creativity for more ideas outside the box. Thanks!
Vierol AG
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We highly appreciate the cooperation with Maastricht Student Consulting. The responsible team has successfully contributed to an ongoing project in the E-Business in 2014.
Alma Sports
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The Consultants of MSC worked timely and efficient, identified weaknesses of our firm and subsequently presented solutions in a co prehensible way. We will positively remember this collaboration and hope to work with you again.
Jahnke Premium Süsswaren
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We are impressed by the very professional and detailed analysis taken out by MSC which tremendously influenced our expansion decision. Furthermore, MSC unvovered aspects that we were not aware of so far and that now had a big positive impact on our business.


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Philipp Velciov

Business Development

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