Operations are at the crossroads between organizational strategy and sustainable growth. Effective operations management is the key that unlocks your organization’s full competitive potential. MSC consultants can help you transform a high-level strategy into actionable steps that have a real and valuable impact across the entire operations management chain. We help you achieve sustainable operational success in the following areas:

Reinforcing Logistics

Following the Covid-19 health crisis and recent geopolitical developments, global supply chains are under significant strain. We can help you reinforce your logistics operations by proactively seeking novel solutions to new challenges, ensuring your business is future-ready.

Procurement Innovation

The global economy is undergoing important changes in key areas such as sustainability, which means companies need to adapt their procurement processes accordingly. The MSC team offers personalized advice on the most effective ways of integrating new sustainability requirements into your procurement process.


Process Optimization

In order to be efficient and generate value, corporate processes must be frequently evaluated. At MSC, we can analyse critical processes in your company in light of internal needs and external challenges. Our consultants are trained to identify inefficiencies and help you make sustainable and innovative improvements along the entire value chain.

Case Study

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One of the world’s leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations.

Project Scope

  • We advised a multinational software company that develops software solutions to manage business operations and customer relationships. 
  • As the global economy drives change in the area of sustainability, companies need to adapt their procurement processes to circular economy (CE) and CO2-reduced processes.
  • MSC was tasked with analysing the investment potential in circular economy and determining its impact on the client’s procurement processes and software offerings.
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Our approach

Our Approach

  • As a first step, we conducted broad market research to assess the general investment potential of CE. 
  • Subsequently, the team analysed goals and objectives for procurement organizations across different industries in order to identify critical CE-related KPIs.
  • Finally, based on the learnings of both earlier phases, we developed a use case for a specific industry/company to elaborate on prior findings.

Final Deliverable

  • The final deliverables we presented to the client were a written report and a presentation.
  • The presentation included an in-depth analysis of the role that circular economy plays in procurement and how this role can be integrated into our client’s software offerings. 
  • The report provided a detailed competitor analysis of the CE landscape.
  • In conclusion, we provided a shortlist of “Quick-Wins” that the client could implement immediately.
Final Delivrbel

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