In an increasingly competitive market, success belongs to organisations that distinguish themselves from the rest through exceptional brand awareness. This highlights the need of investing in a sound marketing strategy that positions your brand top of mind.

Our team of consultants is highly knowledgeable about the latest corporate marketing developments and can help you fine-tune your strategy to meet new trends and exceed customer needs. Our marketing services are fully personalised and available to all businesses, irrespective of their size. MSC consultants provide assistance with:


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Product Positioning

We help you identify the most suitable position in the market based on the qualities of your product to satisfy the demand of your target customers. We support you by defining your key audience and analysing your competitors to allow you to stand out and win the loyalty of your customers.

Brand Awareness

We design marketing campaigns tailored to your needs and to your customers’ requirements. To ensure your brand gets optimal online exposure, we can also assist you in the creation and implementation of social media marketing and search engine optimization techniques.

Customer Engagement

We use data-driven insights to devise innovative solutions to changing customer needs and to create an engaging customer journey that delights users from beginning to end. Our human-centric approach targets all aspects of client relationships, including customer attraction, conversion, retention, and satisfaction.


Case Study

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MSC‘s client is a global premium office-supply manufacturer. Besides commercial interiors, a few sub-brands focus on lifestyle design and performance technology.

Project Scope

  • The organization specialises in conceptual interior design for work and social spaces.
  • The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, however, results in drastic changes within the office furniture market
  • Consequently, corporations need to provide employees with home office setups in order to resume operations under COVID-19 measures.
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Our approach

Our Approach

  • Initially, a survey was conducted to gain insights into customers’ buying behaviors and decision-making processes. 
  • Further, a competitor analysis was performed as well as further detailed academic research.
  • Based on the results of these two aspects, a precise target market for the client was defined.
  • Further, tailored marketing messages and a strategy to increase the client’s brand awareness were developed.

Final Deliverable

  • The project team delivered their findings in a presentation, which included recommendations, that will improve the client´s marketing strategy
  • Additionally, the analysis was presented, which contained an analysis of the characteristics of the customers as well as a definition of the customer journey, where points of improvement were identified
  • Lastly, search engine optimization was presented as one implementation to improve the clients´ engagement rates
Final Delivrbel

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