Human Resources

Human Resources

Human capital is one of the most valuable assets any company could have. However, for optimal results, human resources should be strategically managed. As the workforce of tomorrow, MSC can help your company become future-ready by optimising your human resources operations. We can do this at three levels:

Recruitment Process Optimisation

We provide tailored solutions to optimise the various stages of the recruiting process, from conducting in-depth labor market analysis to the actual onboarding of new recruits.

Corporate Branding

We guide you through the process of identifying your unique strengths as an employer and help you translate those concepts into a branding strategy that is conducive to a productive and enthusiastic work environment.

Internal Organization

We accompany you in the process of adapting the internal workings of your company to external requirements and emerging trends, whether this requires implementing new tools or improving the efficiency of existing ones.

Case Study

Siemens logo

Siemens is a German-based multinational conglomerate, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe employing more than 300 thousand people worldwide with global revenue of €62 billion in 2021.

Project Scope

  • Siemens struggled to develop a fitting system of incentives for their sales team 
  • Siemens aims to increase the motivation of their salesmen in the sector of smart infrastructure
  • Siemens contracted MSC to analyse the various possible ways to rework the system of incentives for employees primarily in sales, but also in other sectors
Project Scope e1661082115750
Project Scope e1661082115750

Our Approach

  • Initially, a status quo analysis of the workforce´s motivations was carried out to gather data and evaluate possibilities
  • Further, the project team researched the effectiveness of various tools implemented by similar companies to incentivize motivation of their work force
  • Finally, a point system as well as several gamification tools were applied to Siemens and their work force

Final Deliverable

  • The project team presented their findings as a step-by-step implementation plan in form of a presentation
  • MSC presented Siemens with several possible ways to implement a reward system comparable to earning miles when flying
  • Lastly, final recommendations for the implementation of a gamification strategy were provided, considering several successful case studies
Final Delivrbel

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