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Nutzen Sie Ihr akademisches Wissen

Bei der Lösung anspruchsvoller Projekte für unsere Kunden können Sie auf das im Studium erworbene theoretische Wissen zurückgreifen. Auf diese Weise können Sie Ihr akademisches Wissen vertiefen, indem Sie es auf Praxisfälle anwenden. Darüber hinaus gehen die forschungsbasierten Lehrmethoden von Maastricht Hand in Hand mit der konzeptionellen Anwendung von Kundenprojekten.

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Entwicklung der beruflichen Fähigkeiten

Maastricht Student Consulting gives you the perfect opportunity to get in touch and engage with top class employers of leading consultancies when participating in our regular workshops. These will constitute as both incredible recruiting opportunities and professional guidance’s for your future career. When participating in projects, you will also learn how to understand client needs and successfully develop solutions based on them.

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Genießen Sie das soziale Umfeld

Once becoming a member of MSC, you will quickly notice that while working hard for our clients, we also understand how to enjoy ourselves and spend a fun time together. Next to coffee and dinner meetings with your project team, you will be able to join us at our regular and diverse social events which usually take place in and around Maastricht. Additionally every new beginning semester includes a weekend trip for the entire community to engage with your fellow consultants in a pleasant environment.

Einblicke in die

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Sophie Bauer

International Business

4 (Bachelor)

September 2020

Project Leader

Sophie Bauer about MSC

“My name is Sophie Bauer and I am one of the most recent Project Leaders at Maastricht Student Consulting. So far it has been very exciting to familiarize with my team and my first project. In addition to the actual consulting tasks, being a project leader also affords me organizational and mediating competencies. Apart from the projects, I really admire that every projects starts and ends with a joint coffee and dinner event. I chose MSC, because it is the perfect balance between challenging myself by working on real client cases and having fun times with fellow students next to our studies.To me, MSC is the perfect opportunity for a career as a consultant and on top of that the best way to meet like-minded people!”

Schließen Sie sich uns an!”


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Schreiben Sie Ihre Bewerbung

This includes a Motivation Letter, your CV and a grade transcript (incl. your official GPA).

Upload it to MSC

Click the link icon to be redirected to the upload file for your documents. The link is also accessible on our Instagram.

Assessment Center

Prove that you belong to MSC in an interview consisting of two parts; personal questions and guesstimation.

Willkommen bei MSC

We will inform you about the results, once all of the period's interviews have been conducted.

Sie uns

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Leonard Jahn

Head of Human Resources

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