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Recruitment Opportunities

Conducting a workshop with us will provide you the opportunity to interact with Maastricht’s most talented pool of student consultants representing the top 10% of Maastricht University. We are a highly interconnected community striving to go the extra mile. With experience in numerous diverse projects that follow a structured approach we are characterized by ambition, team spirit and critical thinking. During workshops you have to convince us of your company whereas we will prove our fit for your consultancy.

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Innovative Mindset

Not only the fact that we are part of the Generation Z (Millennials), but also that we are surrounded by a community of startups, unique problems and problem-based learning approach, propels us to think critically and adopt an innovative mindset. Partners from past projects characterize our consultants as being able to generate creative or novel solutions to problems that result in improved performance. Our community is driven by an environment that fosters and appreciates creativity and innovation.

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Intellectual Curiosity

As part of our company culture we embrace the acquisition of general knowledge to initiate critical thinking, reading, research, and human self-reflection about society. Shaped by the international environment through university and being at the heart of Europe confronts our members with news, and other topics from all over the world. Situational factors in combination with our self-development platform creating curiosity in business, finance, politics, languages, social norms, mathematical relationships, history, and more.

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Professional Input

We are students that find excitement in personal development, strive for success, and skills. Thus, curiosity about the expansion of our analytical as well as soft skills are at the heart of our values. Integrative workshops that involve solving complex cases as well as presentations that initiate the development of new communication or personal related skills are appreciated.

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Long-lasting Relationships

Partnerships and workshops for current and future generations are highly valued for several reasons. These relationships provide us with professional input on the one hand. On the other hand they serve as gateway and communicator to the business world and enterprises, especially consultancies. We are motivated to build partnerships with the goal to share experiences and create opportunities for our member’s future as consultants and intellectual business men and women.

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Career Guidance

As Students we are in the beginning of our professional career eager to put in effort and find the optimal path for ourselves. To help finding or reinforcing our enthusiasm and passion we are constantly absorbing experiences. Shared experiences about business and personal stages in life from your side will help us assessing our options and opportunities. We perceive outside opinions and constructive feedback as valuable means that can inspire to broaden our horizons.


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