35 Consultants
1 Goal.

MSC is a student consultancy, consisting of talented and ambitious Bachelor and Master students. The active team currently consists of more than 35 consultants, all of whom are among the top 10% within their respective studies. With their interdisciplinary background our consultants are looking to apply their academic knowledge to real-life cases and solve our clients’ business challenges.

Management Team

Noel Nosswitz


Tim Ullrich

Vice President

Isabelle Schindl

Head of Business Development

Sarah Siepmann

Head of Human Resources and PR

Jaco van Niekerk

Head of External Relations

Our Consultants

Vincent Bach

Felix Mellino

Charlotte Mandel

Brendan O’Sullivan

Isabelle Bauer

Marius Lange

Linus Wrigge

Maria Da Silva

Florian Lapp

Maximilian Schöttmer

Paulina Görlitz

Simon Christ

Moritz Burghardt

Isabel Backes

Yannick Marmann

Lena Stute

Dominik Scholl

Benjamin Glindemann

Kaloyana Donkova

Linus Zimmer

Leander von Becker

Jule Jessen

Pedro Ribeiro

Max Kürschner

Helen Lühr

Célia Lenges

Our Founders

The two driving forces and creative minds behind our organization are Lennart Weifenbach and Torben Fuhrmann. After first experiences in consulting combined with entrepreneurial spirit, together they founded Maastricht Student Consulting in April 2014. Torben Fuhrmann is now Managing Director at Lions Trust GmbH and Lennart Weifenbach is Managing Director at Leharo GmbH, both located in Germany.

Lennart Weifenbach & Torben Fuhrmann

Founders of Maastricht Student Consulting

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Head of Business Development

Noel Nosswitz


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